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Laboratory Test Options

Whether using our standard formulations for test panels or creating your own, Alcala Testing & Analysis Services’ drug test resources provide confidence and ease of mind in managing and monitoring patient care.

Evaluate Your Patients

The stakes are high for both patient and physician. Uncoordinated monitoring of patients using potent medications can result in death or severe disability for the patient and unparalleled liability for the physician. With counsel and physician working hand in hand with Alcala clients, physicians and facilities have an active partner.

Efficiency, Integrity, Results

Alcala Testing & Analysis Services was founded by a partnership of medical, legal and scientific professionals. Harnessing their collective expertise and professional success, Alcala provides medical professionals with timely, accurate and transparent urine analysis to screen for drugs of abuse and prescription medication. Utilizing the most sophisticated liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry technology, Alcala gives its physician and facility clients unparalleled service. With so much at stake, healthcare providers depend on Alcala for the clear thinking and transparent advice needed to exceed what has become the standard of care for patient management. Life depends on it.